Unify OpenStage Phones

Openstage HFA SIP T Modelle

Unify OpenStage is a generation of phones which sets the benchmark for Open Unified Communications. These stylish devices provide an intuitive and engaging communication experience, incorporating innovative features. OpenStage is the prelude to a new era of high value in people-centric communication solutions.

The OpenStage family is designed to be extremely user friendly and simplify feature implementation. Sensorial interfaces based on advanced technology solutions such as touch/sensor keys, embedded color LEDs, TouchSlider for volume control and TouchGuide navigator as well as the large, swivel graphic color TFT display with backlight greatly simplify user interactions.

Unify OpenStage HFA = Telekom Octophon F6XX HFA
Unify OpenStage SIP = Telekom Octophon F6XX SIP
Unify OpenStage T = Telekom Octophon F6XX TDM

HiPath support

  • OpenStage SIP phones are supported by OpenScape Voice and Asterisk.
  • OpenStage CorNet-IP telephones can be operated on HiPath 3000/5000, HiPath 4000 and OpenScape Office LX/MX/HX, OpenScape Business X1/X3/X5/X8.
  • OpenStage TDM phones can be used with HiPath 3000, OpenScape Business X1/X3/X5/X8 and HiPath 4000.
  • Please note: optiPoint/OpenStage/OpenScape. HFA and SIP versions are identical. Only the installed Software is different. You can order your phones with your suitable software.
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