OpenStage IP HFA phone family

The Unify OpenStage HFA (CorNet-IP) variants provide a favorable access to the wide range of features of the HiPath 3000 & 4000 platforms as well as the OpenScape Office LX/MX & OpenScape Business together with an innovative user interface.

(CorNet-IP, also known as HFA = HiPath Feature Access)

OpenStage telephones are easy to deploy and ongoing administration is simple. The telephones can be centrally managed as part of an IT environment. Each Unify OpenStage IP phone provides an integrated Ethernet switch. The network is accessed by 10/100 Base-T or as a variant via Gigabit Ethernet. All IP phones support 802.3af Power over LAN.

Unify OpenStage HFA = Telekom Octophon F6XX HFA

OpenScape / HiPath support
Unify OpenStage HFA CorNet-IP telephones can be operated on: HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000, OpenScape Business X1/X3/X5/X8 and OpenScape Office, Octopus F200/F400/F650 & Octopus F X3/X5/X8,

Unify OpenStage HFA V3 is for HiPath 3000/Octopus from V9R2.7.0, OpenScape Office from V3R3.10, OpenScape Business/Octopus F X from V1R3, OpenScape 4000 in V7 from R0, HiPath 4000 V6 from R2.16, HiPath 4000 V5 from R1. Downgrade to HFA firmware version V2 is not possible.

Please note: optiPoint/OpenStage/OpenScape. HFA and SIP versions are identical. Only the installed Software is different. You can order your phones with your suitable software.

Unify end devices – Attention – important Notice:
End of Life of the product series OpenStage 15 / 15G, 40 / 40G, 60 / 60G HFA in ice blue and lava

The order stop for the above OpenStage HFA products are on 5 November 2018th.
Therefore we ask you to ascertain/find out your requirements and to order them accordingly at the same time in order to avoid delivery bottlenecks.

Successor product / succession solution
OpenScape Desk Phone CP200, 400 and 600 are available as successor products.

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