OpenStage IP HFA phone family

Unify OpenStage HFA = Telekom Octophon F6XX HFA

OpenScape / HiPath support
Unify OpenStage HFA CorNet-IP telephones can be operated on: HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000, OpenScape Business X1/X3/X5/X8 and OpenScape Office, Octopus F200/F400/F650 & Octopus F X3/X5/X8,

Unify OpenStage HFA V3 is for HiPath 3000/Octopus from V9R2.7.0, OpenScape Office from V3R3.10, OpenScape Business/Octopus F X from V1R3, OpenScape 4000 in V7 from R0, HiPath 4000 V6 from R2.16, HiPath 4000 V5 from R1. Downgrade to HFA firmware version V2 is not possible.

Please note: optiPoint/OpenStage/OpenScape. HFA and SIP versions are identical. Only the installed Software is different. You can order your phones with your suitable software.

Unify end devices – Attention – important Notice:
End of Life of the product series OpenStage 15 / 15G, 40 / 40G, 60 / 60G HFA in ice blue and lava

The order stop for the above OpenStage HFA products are on 5 November 2018th.
Therefore we ask you to ascertain/find out your requirements and to order them accordingly at the same time in order to avoid delivery bottlenecks.

Successor product / succession solution
OpenScape Desk Phone CP200, 400 and 600 are available as successor products.

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