OpenScape Business V2

OpenScape Business V2 offers small and medium-sized businesses the answer to their individual and diverse communication needs in a unified, flexible and scalable solution. The OpenScape Business solution architecture can be deployed independently of the existing telephony infrastructure, regardless of whether traditional telephony, IP or DECT is involved. From powerful telephony to a comprehensive UC solution, OpenScape Business always provides the right solution for all enterprises with up to 500 stations or 1500 stations at Business S or in a network 2000 stations.

OpenScape Business V2 – flexible, scalable and more powerful

OpenScape Business V2 introduces „the new way to work“ to our customers. – the new way to effectively work together. Focusing on the anywhere worker this means mobility everywhere, for everyone and at any time, enabling our partners to create and develop new business potential through new business models. OpenScape Business V2 focuses on the topics of UC, Infrastructure, Mobility and Services. Here are the highlights in an overview:

  • UC Smart more powerful with integrated conferencing and an integrated Web Collaboration connector
  • Circuit connector: Circuit is a cloud offering from Unify for the communication and collaboration from teams by enterprise customers.
  • Infrastructure: OpenScape Business capacity increased to 1500 subscribers – addressing new market segments
  • Mobility: myPortal to go with integrated VoIP client – mobility everywhere and at anytime
  • Service: additional SW Support offering
  • tailored and flexible marketing concept

OpenScape Business V2 continues to focus on the requirements of our customers and partners. Additional improvements are on the roadmap and will be released with subsequent SW released.

OpenScape Business is the all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and offers:

  • Integrated voice services, presence management (presence status), drag and drop conferencing, visual voicemail (voicemail box), AutoAttendant, Multimedia Contact Center, IM (Instant Messaging), Mobility, directory access with database connection, fax, integration into business processes, and much more
  • UC clients individually customized for the workplace and way of working
  • Interface integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • The perfect solution for customers with one location or network-wide solution with multiple locations
  • OpenScape Business offers a unified business solution architecture:
  • Depending on the existing infrastructure, different OpenScape Business models are available for various configuration sizes (X1/X3/X5/X8). Alternatively, it is also possible to operate the OpenScape Business software on standard servers (softswitch) and even in fully virtualized environments, of course.
  • With OpenScape Business X1 up to 30 UC Smart users can be registered.
  • Regardless of the model X3/X5/X8/S, 500 stations are always supported (sum of IP, analog and digital stations); 500 UC Suite or optional 250 UC Smart users supported.
  • With OpenScape Business S up to 1500 subscribers with up to 1500 UC Suite clients or optional 250 UC Smart clients are supported.
  • All communication interfaces are already available for diverse and heterogeneous requirements: IP, digital, analog and DECT, as well as all common trunk interfaces for voice communication
  • Connectivity to Unify’s next generation collaboration solution Circuit

New functionality of the Release OpenScape Business V2

OpenScape Business V2 is the new software for the OpenScape Business product family. The following new features are released based on the already available OpenScape Business hardware models s X1/X3/X5/X8 and the Linux-server platform SLES 11 SP3 for OpenScape Business Booster Server / S:

  • OpenScape Business S deployments for up to 1500 subscribers
  • OpenScape Business Cloud/Hosting projects with more than one node require a project specific release
  • SIP enhancements for stations and SIP carriers (ITSP)
  • DLI enhancements
  • UC Smart enhancements for OSBiz X and OSBiz S
  • myPortal to go enhancements
  • Enhanced functionality for the OpenDirectory Service (ODBC)
  • Connectivity to Circuit
  • Support of the new DECT base station BS5
  • Support of the OpenScape DeskPhone IP 35 Eco (HFA) Release is planned for September 2015
  • Scalability of the server resources for OpenScape Business S
  • Virtualisation on the basis of Microsoft Hyper V server 2012 R2 Release is planned for September 2015
OpenScape Business