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Refurbished PBXs, phones and components with CPS Warranty!

We offer our customers refurbished and eco-recycled equipment that provides great value.
It is our core business : we offer refurbished professional telephone and data equipment of all common brands, of course, with our proven CPS Refurbished guarantee.
We also offer to reclaim our customers’ obsolete or phased out equipment by buying it from them.

The benefits for our customers:

  • High-quality equipment
  • High availability of our products with over 8,000 articles
  • Tested cleaned, maintained and refurbished equipment with warranty
  • Less expensive equipment with fully identical quality
  • Higher profit margin by back offer for obsolete equipment
  • According to our environmentally-oriented business policy which represents a marked advantage for our customers who can participate in a transparent and straightforward environmental thrust.

Actually, as much as revised used equipment at a low price!

Cost-conscious customers with limited budgets can decide to opt for a so-called "refurbished" system.

These are used, technically faultless devices that have been carefully tested. Often it is even just the software version that distinguishes brand-new systems from refurbished systems.

Why "refurbished" rather than a new telephone system?


The question should rather be - why not refurbished?

What is different
- apart from the substantial price advantage
- a used phone system from a new telephone system, if the features match 1:1 in the operational processes?

Is a "new" telephone system after 1 or 2 years now unusable?
Is a regular costly maintenance due?
Or must parts be replaced regularly, where one can not be sure whether this is happening?
How should the manufacturer deal with this issue when also on the other hand, if long-term rentals and leases of up to 5-10 years are still to market?
If a competent and reliable service partner offers you a used telephone system and a new telephone system with the same range of services, in fact there is only one difference:

A significant cost advantage.

You will receive your telephone system solution for a 12 month warranty.
You can get as an option a service agreement of your choice.
We give you an investment protection for expansions and upgrades.

Our test procedures ensure a high standard on all refurbished products. Therefore, we grant to all of our products 12 months warranty. Many products from manufacturers no longer be actively marketed to, as well as current products are available from stock. Through the use of refurbished products can cost a company of the investment are significantly reduced. This results in a low-cost alternative is also for start-up companies to enter into a modern communications technology.We test, clean, and used to revise and office equipment, telephone systems, assemblies, devices and accessories. The products have an equivalent to the processing of visual appearance, the same reliability and quality as new devices..

CPS Warranty
...because proven quality alone is only part of the CPS-refurbished concept.

We will send you all the options of either original systems - components (directly from the manufacturer, if still available) or from our own used parts stock (of course with a 12-month warranty). You have our word that you don't fall into any cost trap "or succumb teaser offers.
Service will be handled fairly and in partnership with you. Basically, all services Services are billed on efforts and not according to records.

Example: Display Repair for optiPoint 500

Refurbished Phones:

 optiPoint 500 mangan Refurbished

OpenStage 15T Lava Refurbished


optiPoint 500 advance arctic / mangan Refurbished