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About our company

...about CPS.

For many years we are active in the wholesale sector and have expanded our product portfolio.
We now offer our services to commercial customers directly.

"For every job and every budget the right solution" is our simple and concise demand for our services.

CPS Company

Here we are addressing in particular small and medium enterprises that have the right to good service and reliable product quality.

Our product portfolio is constantly expanding, of course.
Famous brands are as much in focus as convincing first-class telecommunications solutions.

Through developing a focus on the Siemens HiPath products from the market leader, we have a broad range of innovative communication systems, devices and solutions.

We offer customized phone systems and solutions in the range of 5 to 5000 clients.

Rounding out the concept by providing a variety of service modules - up to 24 hours standby, 365 days a year.

Your benefits :
  • Competitive terms and prices
  • Recognized quality
  • Quick deliveries
  • Assured deliveries
  • Short response time
  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts
  • Speedy and competent assistance for technical problems
  • One stop shopping
  • Product and sales trainings

We are convinced that a partner concept can only become successful if it provides clear benefits to all involved parties.
If you are interested in a partnership or you want to get an offer about our products please contact us.

Test our performance - you will be satisfied every time.

Company History
... about the (still young) history of CPS.

CPS CompanySince 2003, CPS is a competent partner in the ICT sector in Germany and the European Union (EU). At that time headquartered in Dutenhofen/Germany. To this day, we have added more and more product lines, manufacturers and distributors.

Since 2007 we are located in modern and spacious premises (about 1000 square meters) at the city of Wetzlar/ Germany. We offer customized user training and a showroom where the latest products can be tested in detail.

Since early 2008, then we opened our portfolio of services including commercial retail in the region and contribute to the requests and suggestions that have been brought to us in the recent years.