OpenScape Desk Phone CP series

Future Outlook: New standard devices that focus on power efficiency, application integration & user friendly design. By thoughtfully focusing on primary features, we’ve condensed the new phone family into a concentrated portfolio that still meets a broad set of user scenarios. It’s an easier to manage, cost effective set of devices with user focused features.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP series

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 and OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 were equipped with a new user interface. It translates the innovative concept of Circuit conversations into the world of telephony. The distributed concept of contact and call logs are merged into a single list of conversations. A conversation consists of contact information and up to three journal entries. The contact data can be automatically supplied from external sources, such as LDAP or Exchange. 
The new, higher-performance, hardware architecture allows the holding of up to 1000 conversations with 3 journal entries. The new search functionality gives easy access to conversations and automatically integrates external sources like LDAP.
The telephony function is given highest priority. Therefore the conversation list is the starting point for all interactions.
The most commonly used telephony functions are accessible by a single keystroke. The new soft key concept is the main difference to the well-known OpenStage concept.
The integration of LDAP is seamless. The integrated search function accesses both, the local list of conversations, as well as LDAPinformation and presents the results within one search result. Incoming or dialed numbers not part of the conversation list are automatically supplied with LDAP information, if available.

The new OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 and OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 are a bridge to Circuit. In operation without Circuit the User Interfaces uses the consistent design language of Circuit and eases the change, or the expansion of existing communications infrastructure toward the trendsetting Circuit eco system. The phones remain part of the system. The build-in Circuit connector synchronizes the conversation list with Circuit and integrates the phone to active participants in single and group conversations. This protects the customer's investment and makes the phones future-proof for the new way of communication.

Three new phones models under the OpenScape Desk Phone CP Family and Accessories:

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP100, 3-line b/w display: (162*48 Pixel), monochrom, 10/100 Base-T.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200, 2-line b/w display: (192*48 Pixel), Ideally for users typical workers needed UC-/CTI-support.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP205, 2-line b/w display: (192*48 Pixel), Gigabit variant of the CP200
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400, 4-line b/w display: Mid-tier device with a larger display, numerous programmable keys. It’s the right device for office and team environments.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600, 4.3 inch color display: Ideal for the collaborative workplace with many interoperability capabilities and optional Key Modules.
  • OpenScape Key Modul KM400 with paper label and 16 keys with LEDs as extension for OpenScape Desk Phone CP400
  • OpenScape Key Modul KM600 with display and 12 keys with LEDs as extension for OpenScape Desk Phone CP600
  • SIP first, HFA software is available and can be downloaded to the device.
  • OpenScape Wall mount for the CP200 and CP600 is planned and will be released at a later date.

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP can be connected to the following systems: OpenScape Voice V7R1, V8 and V9

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